Reviews of the book, Statistical Misconceptions

“There is a great need for a text to discuss the misconceptions in order to eliminate the myths ... The author writes exceptionally well."
                                                                                          Nancy L. Leech, PhD (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)

“I sometimes feel that I spend as much time getting my students to ‘unlearn’ wrong ideas as I do getting them to learn new material ... I have always been impressed by the clarity of Dr. Huck’s writing ... I could well imagine adopting the book as a secondary text in the graduate-level introductory psychology statistics course [and] recommend it to students who come to me for statistical consulting.”
                                                                                          Scott Maxwell, PhD (University of Notre Dame)

“Readable, great examples ... and actually fun ... The Internet exercises will go a long way in terms of illustrating the misconception ... [useful] at either the undergraduate or graduate level.”
                                                                                          Richard Lomax, PhD (The Ohio State University)

“[An] innovative and much-needed focus on the misconceptions that abound around statistical methods ... I consider [the author's books] to be among the best ... available for the undergraduate curriculum.”
                                                                                          Joseph S. Rossi, PhD (University of Rhode Island)